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Food Inspections Score


City of Ennis - Food Establishment Inspection Scores*    

The letter and numerical grades listed below indicates a final percentage score obtained during the food establishments health inspection:                        
"A" indicates a final percentage score of 90% or higher.  Indicating few or no violations observed during the health inspection.  Although a single critical violations observed during this inspection may reqiure immediate corrections before continuing  food service operations.*                           
"B" indicates a score that is less than 90%, but at least 80%. Indicating minor violations were observed during the health inspection.                 
Generally requires a reinspection within 30 days to 90 days.  Although a single critical violation observed during this inspection may reqiure immediate corrections before continuing food service operations.*                

"C" indictates a final percentage score that is less than 80%, but at least 70%.  Indicating serious infractions were observed during the health inspection.Generally requires a reinspection within 24 hours to 10 day. Although a single critical violations observed during this inspection may reqiure immediate corrections before continuing food service operations.*

Food establishments scoring a "C or above letter grade" typically pose an immediate threat to public health or safety and thereby may be required to close until their problems have been corrected. 

Understanding the Inspection

At each food establishment, inspectors watch for things i.e., food handling practices, food handlers health, pest, take food temperatures, discuss food safety with operators, verify sources of food, inspect refrigerators, equipment and storage areas, equipment, check water temperatures/ chemical sanitizer concentrations, chemical usage and the overall general sanitation of the facility.

If violations of the food regulations are noted during the inspection, the violation is written on the inspection form and the person in charge is reminded of the correct procedure immediately.  High-risk violations are required to be fixed immediately (High risk violations are violations most likely to result illness of the general public). 

Purpose of Inspection

Food establishments are inspected for a variety of reasons: 

Routine inspections are regular, unannounced inspections of the food operation. 

Re-inspections or Follow-up inspections are return visits to the food establishment to re-check High-risk violation items that were not in compliance at the time of the routine inspection and a letter grade/score below A.  Note: All Public Schools are required to have a re-inspection.

Complaint and Illness Investigations are item-specific inspections based on a complaint received from the public or a potential foodborne illness.   Click Here to report a Concern: Food Establishment Complaint Form or use the Report a Concern email link listed below.  

Pre-Opening Inspections are conducted to check newly constructed food establishments for proper facility and equipment requirements before food is allowed into the establishment.

Only Routine and Follow-Up inspection scores are available online.  Complaint, Illness Investigation, Mobile Food Establishment, Temporary Food Establishment, and Pre-Opening inspections are not available online.

*Although any food establishments may be required to close if a serious and imminent threat to the health or safety to the general public exist.  These threat may include but are not limited to: No hot water, Sewage backups or overflows, No utilities (Electrical power and/or Water), Fire, Roach or Rodent infestation, Contaminated food, Foodborne illness outbreak, Inadequate refrigeration and flooding.

NOTE:  Each inspection report is a ‘snapshot’ of conditions present at the time of the inspection. On any given date or hour, an establishment may have fewer or more violations than noted in their most recent inspection.

Tips For Eating Out      Keys to Food Safety     Food Inspection Report Form    Report a Concern

Accent Food @ Tele Tech 2000 U.S Hwy. 287 2/26/19 91A    
Alamo Center DEAP 501 N. Gaines 10/9/19 96A    
All Star Bowl 2303 W. Ennis 2/25/19 95A    
American Legion 706 Rumbo 9/25/19 90A    
Amigos De Nutricion 108 W. Crockett 11/29/18 92A    
Austin Elementary 1500 Austin 10/4/19 100A    
Avenue Drive Inn 407 W. Ennis 8/21/19 91A    
Bailey's Cafe 508 S. Kaufman 8/15/19 91A    
Bella Itailia Restruant & Bar 105 S. Kaufman 5/23/19 93A    
B&F Sans Management (Gulf) 4942 N. I-45 11/5/19 81B 11/22/19 91A qa
Birrieria Aguinaga 808 W. Ennis 7/12/19 82B    
Bluebonnet City Grill 305 S.W. Main 11/15/19 90A    
Bluebonnet Rehab Center 2300 Oak Grove 6/6/2019 91A    
BM Hall Event Center 1108 N.E. Main 10/26/18 97A    
Bowie Elementary 501 Jeter 10/4/19 97A    
Boys & Girls Club 1211 S. Clay 7/17/19 92A    
Braums 900 E. Ennis 7/9/19 90A    
Brookdale Senior Living 2500 Yorkstown 3/11/19 90A    
Bubba's BBQ 210 S. I-45 11/7/19 Permited    
Burger King 101 N. Kaufman 2/28/19 85B 3/15/19 90A
Candy Cane Coner 1000 W. Lamapasas 1/22/19 95A    
Carver Early Childhood 600 MLK 10/3/19 96A    
Castillo Express Shop 100 S. Kaufman 7/30/19 98A    
Chamoyadas Snacks & Mas 104 W. Crockett 8/7/19 93A    
Charlie's Grocery 501 E. Ennis 11/22/19 90A    
Chicken Express 1701 W. Ennis 11/18/19 93A    
Chick-Fil-A Ennis 390 N. I-45 10/24/19 Permitted    
Chili's Grill & Bar 1006 E. Ennis 8/15/19 93A    
Circle K #781 101 E. Ennis 5/13/19 91A    
Columbia Packing Co., INC 2003 Jack McKay Blvd. 2/26/19 99A    
Comfort Suites 400 S. I-45 3/4/19 95A    
Cotton Patch Cafe 706 N. I-45 12/12/18 92A    
CVS Pharmacy 605 W. Ennis 11/30/18 97A    
Dairy Queen 1005 E. Ennis 3/1/19 90A    
Day's Inn 600 N. I-45 5/2/19 100A    
Denny's 301 N. I-45 11/13/18 97A    
Doc's Beverage 1103 E. Ennis 8/12/19 97A    
Dollar General 305 W. Ennis 7/10/19 96A    
Dollar General 2906 N.E. Main  6/25/19 99A    
Dollar Tree #2300 500 E. Knox 11/27/18 97A      
Domino's 306 E. Ennis 11/2/18 93A    
Don Jose's Restaurant 2301 W. Ennis 3/19/19 90A    
Donut Palace 2203 W. Ennis 8/12/19 94A    
Dorie Miller Intermediate 2200 W. Lampasas 10/22/19 86B 10/31/19 93A
EZ Mart 1015 S. Kaufman 8/2/19 90A    
Early Childhood Center 1701 W. Lamapasas 10/10/19 96A    
El Mexicano Grill 219 W. Ennis 4/30/19 90A    
El Pobre Jacalito 500 S. Kaufman 10/11/19 97A    
Ennis Boys Little League   Bluebonnet Park 3/25/19 90A    
Ennis Café 2709 S. Kaufman 9/26/19 90A    
Ennis Care Center 1200 S. Hall 2/22/19 95A    
Ennis Donuts 501 E. Ennis 5/17/19 90A    
Ennis Girls Little League   Bluebonnet Park 3/25/19 97A    
Ennis Lions Concessions #1 1405 Lake Bardwell 8/14/19 91A    
Ennis Lions Concessions #2 1405 Lake Bardwell 8/14/19 91A    
Ennis Lions Concessions #3 1405 Lake Bardwell 8/14/19 95A    
Ennis Neighborhood Mart 1005 S. Kaufman 4/17/19 94A    
Ennis Public Theatre 113 N. Dallas 4/26/19 95A    
Ennis Regional Medical Center 2201 W. Lamapasas 1/23/19 99A    
Ennis Jr. High 3101 Ensign Road 10/18/19 92A   97A
Ennis Senior High School - Bardwell 1405 Lake Bardwell 9/17/19 90A 2/20/19 91A
Ennis Senior High School-Ensign 2301 Ensign Road 10/18/19 92A 10/29/19 95A
Evangelistic Messengers Assoc. 1107 S. Clay 10/1/19 85B    
Family Dollar 726 N. kaufman 11/28/18 96A    
Fiesta Grill 309 S. Kaufman 5/24/19 93A    
Finn MacCool's Pub 207 W. Ennis 11/22/19 93A    
Firehouse Grill 219 S.W. Main 9/30/19 93A    
Four Star Quick Pantry 2201 W. Ennis 7/12/19 90A    
Fresh Donuts 415 S. Clay 11/5/19 91A    
G Hall 1401 N. Kaufman 11/13/19 85B    
Gateway #9/Subway 3203 S. I-45 3/6/19 90A    
Go Academy 409 E. Ennis 7/2/19 93A    
Golden Chick 901 E. Ennis 9/20/18 87B 3/29/19 93A
Golden Circle Activity Center 1700 N. Floyd 8/19/19 94A    
Grand Ennis Buffet 201 S. I-45 12/12/18 84B    
Heavenly Donuts 117 W. Ennis 8/14/19 96A    
HEB Deli/Bakery/Mkt 101 S. Clay 11/8/19 90A    
Hilda's Kitchen 509 E. Ennis 9/24/19 90A    
Holiday Inn Express 601 N. Sonoma Trail 3/4/19 95A    
Home Grown Market 101 S. Dallas 4/26/19 92A    
Hometown Nutrition 100 N.E. Main 7/2/19 91A    
Houston Elementary 1701 S. Hall 10/3/19 95A    
IHOP 111 S. I45 3/8/19 92A    
IOOF 2302 Oak Grove 8/8/19 95A    
JJ Hughes 1106 N. Kaufman 9/30/19 92A    
Jack In The Box 1102 E. Ennis 11/18/19 94A    
Jack Lummus Intermediate School 501 N. Clay 10/9/19 93A    
KFC 100 N. Kaufman 8/9/19 94A    
KJT 1216 S. Paris 5/17/19 99A    
Knights of Columbus 850 S. I-45 12/13/18 95A    
Kolache Depot 1103-B E. Ennis 8/12/19 93A    
Kwick Pick Grocery & Deli 907 N. Kaufman 1/9/19 85B 1/18/19 97A
La Grande Supermarket 1511 N. Kaufman 9/27/19 90A    
La Guadalupana 407 S. Clay 8/7/19 98A    
La Michiocana Meat Market 401 S.W. Main 12/18/18 90A    
La Quinta Inn 110 N. Sonoma Trail 3/1/19 96A    
Legend Oaks 1400 Medical Center Dr 2/28/19 90A    
Lionbackers Drive Inn 1108 Lake Bardwell 11/5/19 94A    
Little Ceasar's 1011 E. Ennis 2/27/19 87B 3/8/19 92A
Mclains Food Store 301 W. Brown 7/30/19 93A    
McDonald's 1203 E. Ennis 2/13/19 95A    
Miguel's Tex-Mex 1108 Lake Bardwell 2/5/19 93A    
Moore-Ventura House Bed & Breakfast  400 W. Denton 6/20/19 100A    
Mr.Discount 1205 E. Ennis 3/11/19 93A    
Napolis Italian Restaurant 110 W. Ennis 10/23/19 75C 11/8/19 96A
Nepomucene's Childrens (St. Johns) 401 E. Lampasas 11/6/19 98A    
Norteno's Restraurant 814 W. Ennis 3/28/19 91A    
One Stop/ D&G 10451 W. Ennis 6/11/19 90A    
Panda Express 408 N. I-45 10/28/19 95A    
Papa John's Pizza 1012 E. Ennis 3/1/19 84B 3/14/19 93A
Paleteria Los Michoacanas 305 S.W. Main 8/7/19 95A    
Pan Ranchero from Little Habana 212 W. Brown 8/29/19 90A    
Pizza Hut 807 W. Ennis 3/12/19 97A    
Pop Top Coffee Shop 120 N. Dallas 9/19/19 90A    
Quality Inn/Ritz Club 107 Chamber of Commerce 3/11/19 95A    
Quik Trip 100 N. I-45 7/10/19 90A    
Reagor's Food & Beverage 10360 W. Ennis 11/22/19 90A    
Reina's Taqueria 502 S. Kaufman 9/20/19 86B    
Reina's Taqueria 107B E. Brown 6/25/19 93A    
Rooftop 101 218 E. Ennis 6/28/19 93A    
Ruby's Snack Bar 1906 N. Kaufman 11/8/19 93A    
Salazar Nutricion 305 N.W. Main 11/5/19 96A    
Sunshine Kids Academy 1700 Cedar Run 2/12/19 92A    
Sno-Biz 200 N. Kaufman 7/16/19 91A    
Sonic 401 E. Ennis 3/8/19 94A    
Speedy Mart 2108 W. Ennis 7/1/19 93A    
SPJST #25 1901 E. Ennis 3/28/19 97A    
Starbucks 905 E. Ennis 2/21/19 95A    
Steak N Shake 605 W. Ennis 2/27/19 94A    
Subway 600 E. Ennis 5/8/19 92A    
Taco Bell 1107 E. Ennis 2/11/19 95A    
Taco Cabana 203 S. I45 10/29/19 90A 11/25/19 95A  
Taco Gomez 101 S. Kaufman 8/27/19 90A    
Taqueria Dona Maria 1405 S. Kaufman 6/04/19 91A    
Texas Motorplex 7500 W. Hwy 287 10/18/19 92A    
The Blessing Center 1700 N. Kaufman 1/23/19 94A    
The Hoefer House 310 W. Denton 2/8/19 98A    
Tiger Mart #11 101 N. I-45 6/21/19 92A    
Tiger Mart # 23 (Corner 5) 2200 Lake Bardwell 11/22/19 98A    
Tiger Mart 44 & Subway 3105 S. Kaufman 7/26/19 93A    
Tom's Food Market 600 Gilmer 8/9/19 91A    
Travis Elementary 200 N. Shawnee 10/3/19 100A    
VFW Post 7106 3100 N. I-45 4/23/19 90A    
Waffle House 105 Chamber of Commerce 3/12/19 87B 4/1/19 93A
Walgreens 606 W. Ennis 11/28/18 100A    
Wall Express Chinese Café 1001 E. Ennis 11/6/18 93A    
Wal-Mart Deli/Bakery 700 E. Einns 8/30/19 95A    
Wal-Mart Mkt/ Produce/Grocery 700 E. Ennis 8/30/19 95A    
Wendys 1002 E. Ennis 9/18/19 90A    
Whatabuger 105 N. I-45 1120/19 94A    
What's That Unclaimed Freight 1610 E. Ennis 12/12/18 91A    
Wildflower Café 211 W. Knox 9/26/19 98A    
Wingstop #1604 1012 E. Ennis 6/26/19 94A    
Wooden Nickel 111 W. Ennis 12/19/18 90A    

 Please note that Inspections Are Snapshot Pictures in Time... 

One inspection may not represent the overall, long term food safety practices of a facility.

On any given day and time, a food establishment may have greater or fewer violations than

noted in the most recent regulatory health inspection rating.

Note: Detailed Inspection Information listed on the actual Inspection Report Form is not Available on this Website but may be viewed at our office located at 105 S. Preston Street or by making an Open Records Request.  Detailed inspection information not available on this website, include but are not limited to: construction inspections, pre-opening inspections, foodborne illness investigations, and complaint responses.

Internet Disclosure Notice

The scores listed on this site are based on notices issued to an establishment following an inspection the scores and notices are public records and subject to disclosure.  Please be advised that the results of all inspections posted on this website describe what the Department of Health Services staff observed at the time of inspection.  This website is not intended to guarantee the conditions of a food establishment at all times and is not intended to endorse any food establishment or its products.  Although extended effort is made to ensure that the information on this site is updated accurately and on a timely basis, the Department of Health Services does not guarantee that all information is accurate, complete, or current at all times.  Complete inspection reports may be viewed at the Department of Health Services office located at 105 S. Preston Street, Ennis, Texas 75120.   If you have any questions regarding a report, please call the Department of Health Services office at 972-875-6442 Monday-Friday between 8:00am – 5:00pm.

Any food establishment operator aggrieved by a score issued and posted by the Department may request a hearing by submitting a written request for a hearing to the Department within ten days of receipt of score by mail to: Department of Health Services 105 S. Preston Street Ennis, TX 75120 or email.  If an establishment contests any action taken by the Department, such action may be sustained, modified or reversed following a hearing.