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Housing in Ennis


Currently, 270 single family residential lots are available for immediate development. These new lots will support a population increase of approximately 864 persons.  

Lot prices typically range from $30,000 (8,000 sq. ft.) to $39,600 (20,000 sq. ft.).  New home prices have ranged from $116,900 (1,378 sq. ft.) to $327,500 + (2,850 sq. ft.).

At the present time, 5,006 single family residences are located in Ennis.  Currently 112 single family residences are on the market (MLS).  Recent studies indicate that the average purchase price for an existing single family residence is $118,000.


Currently, 268 new apartment units (2 projects) are in the planning-development phase (expected completion dates are mid to late 2011).   

At the present time approximately  1,303  apartment units are located in Ennis.  Average monthly occupancy rates average from 91 to 93 percent.  The average monthly rental rate is approximately $650.00.  


Ennis Apartments & Townhomes

Several attractive apartment complexes and townhouses are available in Ennis. Rental properties range in size from one bedroom apartments to two-story, three bedroom townhouses. The selection of apartments provides choices for any budget.

Below is a listing of some of the many apartment complexes and townhouses available in the City of Ennis.





Emerald Garden Apartments (A)

 Martin Luther King Drive & I -45

 Tel: 972.875.7368

 64 Units


Colonial Place Apartments (A)

 2401 Yorkstown Drive

 Tel: 972.875.7368

44 Units


Creekside Terrace Apartments (A)

 1000 East Burnett

 (Located to the East of St. John's School)

 Tel: 972.878.1212

 80 Units


 Ennis Housing Authority (A)

 Tel: 972.878.7451

 200 Arnold Street - 46 Units

 500 East Lake Street - 44 Units


Ennis Senior Citizens Center

 600 S. Clay Street


 40 Units


Grace Town homes (A)

 1212 Grace Circle

 Ennis, Texas 75119

 Tel: 972.878.2040

 112 Units



 Kaufman Place Apartments (A)

 2000 N. Kaufman Street

 Tel: 972.878.6516

 56 Units


Lancelot Villa (A)

1401 N. Clay Street

Tel: 972.878.2505

10 Units


Oak Creek Townhouses (TH)

 700 Oak Creek Court

 (Located Off Jeter Drive)

 Tel: 972.878.5050

 56 Units


Oak Timbers for Seniors(A)

 1600 W. Lake Bardwell Drive

 Tel: 972.878.8811

 65 Units


Senior Citizen Apartments

 501 W. Lampasas


 40 Units


Silverton Apartments (A)

 3700 E. Highway 85

 Tel: 972.875.1874

 250 Units


Townhoues Apartment (A)

 1001 Biloxi Street

 Tel: 972.878.6011

 112 Units


Townhouse Plaza Properties (TH)

 1901 Jamestown Drive

 Tel: 972.878.7368

 8 Units


The Willows Apartments (A)

 2300 Yorkstown Drive

 Tel: 972.875.1138

 84 Units