Health Department


Chauncy Williams, R.E.H.S./R.S - Director 

Department of Health Services


Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 220
Ennis, TX 75120

Physical Address:
105 S. Preston Street

Ennis, TX 75119

Ph: (972) 875-6442
Fx: (972) 875-8540

I want to sell food to the public... (Forms)

Please review this page to learn more about Building or Opening a Restaurant; Temporary Food Service Booths (Food Service Events); Mobile Food Service Vehicles; Permit Fees; Cottage Food Operations; and Other Food Service Information...  

Who is required to obtain a health permit?

(Brick & Mortar Food Establishment) Health Permit Application Form

Health Department Operational Information

Check List for Constructing a Restaurant  

Construction Guide for New Restaurant, New Owner or Remodeling

Sample Food Establishment Plans Drawing

Grease Interceptors Guide

Grease Interceptor Sizing Worksheet

Grease Trap (Interceptor) Fixtures

Typical Grease Wastewater Flow

Explanation of Food Establishment Inspection Violations

Inspection Report Form

Obtaining a City of Ennis Food Handlers Card

Food Manager Classes Approved in Texas

Fire Department Requirements

Food Establishment Complaint Form

Employee Health Policy

Date Marking Facts

Wash Your Hands Poster

Minimum Safe Food Temperatures

Thermometer Calibration

Food Safety Facts

Farmers Market Guidelines

Farmers Market Vendor Application

Audiovisual Library

Temporary Food Establishments

Temporary Guidelines/ Checklist

Temporary Setup Made Simple

Temporary Food Establishment Guidelines

Temporary and Mobile Food Establishment Application Form

Snow Cone Stand Requirements

Special Events Food Safety Requirements

Temporary Food Booth Handwashing Stations

Example Cottage Food Label

Fire Department Requirements

Farmers Market Guidelines

Farmers Market Vendor Application

Mobile Food Establishments

Temporary and Mobile Food Establishment Application Form

Mobile Food Unit Pre-Inspection Checklist

Mobile Ice Cream Truck / Lunch Truck Requirements

Mobile Food Preparation Vehicle Requirements

Fire Department Requirements

Mobile Food Establishment Route Itinerary

Use of Restroom Agreement Form

Commissary Approval

Fee Schedule

Health Department Fee Schedule

Food Manager Application Form

Cottage Foods Operations

Texas Cottage Food Law

Farmer's Market Check Sheet



Audiovisual Library

Keep Your Food Safe During Emergencies

About Food Allergens

No Smoking Sign