Planning & Zoning Commission

The Planning and Zoning Commission, as created by City Ordinance shall:

  • Procure information and make recommendations to the City Commission on the creation or modification of Zoning Districts.
  • Procure information and make recommendations to the City Commission and shall cooperate with appropriate organizations as to all facts bearing upon the needs of the City with regard to parks and boulevards, the extension and opening of streets and avenues, and other public ways and places, and City plans and improvements generally.
  • Pass upon and recommend all preliminary and revised plats of land to the City Commission and shall be the final authority for the approval of final plats of land, and shall formulate and furnish to the City Commission regulations governing the platting of additions for the guidance of the public.
  • Act as an advisory board to the City Commission relating to all nature of public utilities, controlling and regulating traffic upon the public streets and ways of the City, and such other matters relating to civic improvements as the said Planning Commission may deem beneficial and to the best interests of the City.

The Planning and Zoning Commission shall be composed of seven (7) members and two (2) alternate members, all of whom shall be residents in the City of Ennis, and shall be selected for their outstanding and unselfish interest in civic affairs. Annually, at the regular meeting of the City Commission held during the month of April or as soon thereafter as practicable, expiring memberships shall be filled by appointment for a term of two (2) years.

The Planning & Zoning Commission meets the Second (2nd) and Fourth (4th) Mondays of each month, on an as needed basis.