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Chauncy Williams, R.E.H.S./R.S - Director 

Department of Health Services


Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 220
Ennis, TX 75120

Physical Address:
105 S. Preston Street

Ennis, TX 75119

Ph: (972) 875-6442
Fx: (972) 875-8540

Public Health > Unsanitary Conditions

Unsanitary Conditions

Each year the City of Ennis Department of Health Services investigates numerous complaints of unsanitary conditions in homes and apartments.  

Public Health Nuisances         Abatement of Public Health Nuisances

Unsanitary conditions may consist of:

  • Insect or rodent infestations,
  • Animal hoarding,
  • Large amounts of animal or human feces and
  • Clutter throughout the living area,
  • No operational utilities (heat, electricity or hot water) and/or
  • Extreme uncleanliness.  

In some case the Department coordinates inspections with the other City Departments, Adult Protective Services, Child Protective Services and other agencies. 

If you feel someone is living in unsanitary conditions, contact the City of Ennis Department of Health Services at 972-875-6442 M-F 8a.m. to 5p.m.; we are located at 105 S. Preston Street, Ennis, Texas 75119. If this is an emergency you may contact the Ennis Police Department by calling 911.  You may also click here (email address) to report a concern if this is non-emergency.  Be prepared to provide the address of the residence and what the conditions are.