Utilities Department
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Lake Level

City of Ennis

Utilities Department
500 Lake Bardwell Dr.
Ennis, Texas 75119
972.875.1234 ext. 2249

Public Works Director
Robert Bolen

Public Works Office Manager
Florena Carrillo

Public Works Secretary
Bethany Prewitt

After hours contact 972.875.4465


Wastewater Collections

Wastewater leaves your home from sink and shower drains, washing machines, dishwashers, and commodes and enters the City's sanitary sewer system. A vast network of pipes lie unseen under the ground as well as main pumping stations that function continually day and night to carry your wastewater to the city's treatment plant.

The City of Ennis Utility personnel work daily to maintain these lines to ensure that your wastewater flows, either by gravity or pump, to our treatment facility to be cleaned and disinfected to a quality acceptable to be released into the environment.


Maintenance of lines includes cleaning and repair work. Lines are cleaned to rid them of grease build-up, grit and gravel, root intrusion, and other debris. The Utility uses a variety of equipment to perform this cleaning which includes vacuuming, jetting with water pressure, root cutters, etc. Repair work consists of excavating lines and repairing holes, offset joints, and other problems in the main lines which have developed over years of settling, weather, and harsh usage.

The Utility also uses a portable closed circuit television camera (CCTV) to identify problems that would otherwise be left to guesswork. The Camera is lowered into the manhole and inserted into the main pipeline. Utility technicians can observe the condition of the line as the camera is propelled through the system. Any problems in the line are recorded and these are then added to the repair list to be completed by the construction crews. 

Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Oak Grove Wastewater Treatment Plant was placed in service in 1961. This wastewater collection and treatment facility provides service for a 00-square-mile service area in Ennis.   

The treatment plant was developed on a 15-acre tract of land with an initial treatment capacity of 3.1 million gallons on an annual average.  

In its current configuration, the facility has three primary clarifiers with four aeration basins, three secondary clarifiers and two chlorine disinfection chambers.



   Wastewater Treatment Facility