Wi-Fi Access

The Ennis Public Library is pleased to offer free wireless access to the Internet (aka “hot spots” and “WiFi”) for use by patrons with their own personal notebooks, laptops and other mobile devices.

The library requires all Wi-Fi users to either be over 18 years of age, or have a library card with permission to use the internet.  The library requires all Wi-Fi users to review the Internet and Wireless Policy and to sign an agreement to abide by the rules outlined in the policy.

Access to either the library’s computers or the library’s Wi-Fi network is intended for educational, informational, and recreational purposes only, not for unauthorized, illegal, or unethical purposes.

As with other library materials, parents or legal guardians of minor children have the responsibility to supervise access to Internet resources in the library. 

These access points are unsecured and accessible only during normal library hours.