Zoning Board of Adjustments & Appeals

The Zoning Board of Adjustment and Appeals was created by the City Commission to:

  • hear and decide appeals with regard to the administration of the city zoning ordinance;
  • hear and decide special exceptions to the terms of the city zoning ordinance;
  • authorize upon appeal in special cases such variances from the terms of the city zoning ordinance as will not be contrary to the public interest or result in unnecessary hardship;
  • interpret the intent of the Zoning Map where uncertainty exists and where Article IV rules do not apply;
  • approve the use of a lot for off-street parking of vehicles; to initiate, on its own motion or otherwise, action to bring about the discontinuance of a non-conforming use;
  • require the discontinuance of a non-conforming use under any plan whereby full value of the structure or use can be authorized within a definite period of time and, by its' own motion or upon cause presented by interested property owners, inquire into the existence, continuation or maintenance of any non-conforming use within the City;
  • permit such variances of the front setback, side setback, rear setback, lot width, lot depth, minimum setback standards, off-street parking or off-street loading regulations where enforcement of the provisions of the city zoning ordinance would result in an unnecessary hardship, and where such variance is necessary to permit a specific lot which differs from other lots in the same District by being of such restricted area, shape or slope that it cannot be developed in a manner commensurate with the development permitted upon other lots in the same District. A modification of the standards established by the ordinance shall not be granted to relieve a self-created or personal hardship, nor for financial reason only, nor shall such modification be granted to permit any person a privilege in developing a parcel of land not permitted by this ordinance to other parcels of land in the same District.

The Zoning Board of Adjustments and Appeals, created by the Ennis City Commission, consists of five (5) members who are citizens of the City of Ennis and not members of the City Commission or City Planning & Zoning Commission. Each member to be appointed by the City Commission for a term of two (2) years. The City Commission may appoint two (2) alternate members who shall serve in the absence of one (1) or more of the regular members when requested to do so, so that all zoning & appeals cases will always be heard by five members.

The Zoning Board of Adjustments and Appeals meets on an as needed basis.