Streets Department
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John Knight, 
Streets Superintendent

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 220
Ennis, TX 75120

Physical Address:
500 Lake Bardwell Drive
Ennis, TX 75119

Ph: (972) 875-1234 ext.2248

Fx: (972) 875-6107

Streets FAQ


How Do I?

Report a Street Light Out?


Request for Street Light Repair 

Street lights are installed, maintained and owned by Oncor Electric Delivery.*

If a street light is out, damaged or is malfunctioning, contact Oncore at 1.888.313.4747 and report the street light out or submit an online request for repair. You will be re-directed to Oncore outage report.

Street light FAQ's from Oncore.


City of Ennis Turn of Century Lamp 2171

The City of Ennis maintains our TOC lights in the Right-of-Way and may be reported to 972.875.1234 ext. 2248 or submit an online request It is the owners responsibility to repair or replace on private property.



Report a Tree Down?

Tree Down

A tree down may be reported directly to the Maintenance Division at 972.875.1234 ext. 2248, Monday - Friday between 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.

If after hours contact 972.875.4465 

The City can only respond to City owned trees.

Please have the following information ready to report the tree down.

  • Location of down tree by street address or street and nearest cross street. 
  • Has the tree fallen on a vehicle or caused any damage to property.
  • Is the down tree blocking the traveled way for vehicles.
  • The approximate size of the tree, the diameter of the trunk and height.
  • Was the tree hit by a vehicle or does it appear to have fallen due to natural causes.


Report a Problem with a School Zone Flasher Signal?

If you spot a school zone flasher signal that is damaged or not working properly, you may submit an online request or by calling 972.875.1234 ext. 2248 Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm or after hours to 972.875.4465.