Public Information

What is Public Information?

Public Information is any information that is collected, maintained, or assembled by or for a governmental entity, regardless of format.  The Texas Public Information Act Handbook provides all of the information that you need to know regarding access to governmental records, and also outlines the rights of the Requester and the Governmental Body.

Public Information Act Poster

How do I obtain Public Information?

Requests must include a detailed description of the information you are requesting in order for staff to accurately identify the records.  The Act requires the City to provide only existing records, and does not require the City to create records, research, or answer questions.  The requester should include accurate contact information such as: name, address, telephone number, and email address.  Large, time-consuming requests may require the City to provide the requester with an estimate of charges, and in some cases, may require a deposit.

The Texas Attorney General's office provides tips for a successful Public Information Request.

To request public information from the City of Ennis, please submit a request by clicking on the link below.

Public Information Request Portal

Please direct any public information-related questions to

For more information, contact the City Secretary's office at 972-875-1234 ext. 2236.