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Adopt A Pet


Find a forever friend 

The overpopulation of unwanted pets not only results in millions of animals being euthanized each year, but puts pressure on limited public resources to care for and find homes for these animals. The City of Ennis Department of Health Services strongly encourages residents of Ennis to consider adopting a forever friend. Most people have dogs, cats or an animal of some kind. Some people do not have any animals, but have considered adoption. All dogs and cats that are surrendered to or impounded by animal services are taken to the  SPCA of Texas Ellis County Animal Care Center where they are cared for. Once a dog or cat reaches the adoption phase they are properly vaccinated and spayed or neutered in most cases as sterilization is a State law requirement when an animal is adopted from an animal shelter. The cost for adoption is reasonable and adoption is an act of kindness. All persons considering adoption are also required to fill out a pre adoption form and are then interviewed by SPCA staff as to whether or not a new animal is right for them.

The City of Ennis Department of Health Services advises potential adopters to consider a brief checklist before adopting a dog or cat:

  • Do you have any other animals and how will they react to a new pet?
  • Is your current residence suited to the dog(s) or cat(s) you’re considering?
  • How will your social life or work obligations affect your ability to care for a new pet?
  • Do you have a plan for a new dog or cat during vacations and/or work travel?
  • How do the people you live with feel about having an animal in the house?
  • Are you or anyone else in the house intolerant of hair, dirt and other realities of sharing your home with a dog or cat, such as allergies?
  • Do you or any of your household/family members have health issues that may be affected by a dog or cat?
  • What breed of dog or cat is the best fit with your current lifestyle?
  • Is there tension in the home? Dogs and cats quickly pick up on stress in the home, and it can exacerbate their health and behavior problems.
  • Is there an adult in the family who has agreed to be ultimately responsible for the dog or cat's care?

Again, we encourage everyone to consider adopting a dog or cat.  A new pet can bring you lots of joy and create an environment that's fun for the whole family.  Plus, you're helping an animal find a forever loving home.  If you have any questions about adoptions, please contact the SPCA of Texas Ellis County Animal Care Center at 972-935-0756 located at 2570 FM 878 in Waxahachie, TX 75165. Their hours of operation are from Tuesday thru Saturday 11am to 6pm and Sundays from 11am to 4pm. 

You may also contact the City of Ennis Department of Health Services at 972-875-6444 if you have additional questions.