Learning Center

The library is able to host a variety of functions in its Learning Center, a large multi-purpose room with a stage, sound system, ceiling-mounted projector, flexible seating arrangement, multiple tables, and restrooms.  Please call the library to find out if the room will be available when needed.

Learning Center Reservation Form 

Learning Center Use Policy and Fees

  1. The Learning Center may be reserved for use by educational, civic, cultural, governmental and for profit groups.  A fee may be charged for use.  A library staff person may attend all functions.
  2. Library and City of Ennis activities take precedence over other meetings.  Meetings can be relocated in the event city personnel need the center.  The library staff will not help in handling exhibits and other materials needed by groups using the Learning Center.
  3. The person requesting the use of the Learning Center will be responsible for preparing the room for the meeting (not more than six (6) hours) before the meeting.  The furniture and materials are to be returned to their proper place immediately after the meeting or before the opening of the Library the following day.  No materials or furnishings may be removed from the Learning Center.  Library furniture is heavy and it is imperative care be exercised in moving it.  All furniture is to be lifted as it is moved.  Any damage to furniture will be charged to the party using the Learning Center.  Repair/replacement cost of any damages will be charged the responsible person plus forfeiture of deposit.
  4. FOR PROFIT GROUPS: There will be a $50.00 deposit paid at the time the reservation is made.  All fees are to be paid prior to the use of the room.  If the Learning Center is in order with no damage the deposit will be refunded.  If the meeting is cancelled without 48-hour notice to the library the deposit will be forfeited.  The fees for the Learning Center are $50.00 for the first four (4) hours and $10.00 for each additional hour or fraction thereof per day.  
  5. NON-PROFIT GROUPS: There will be a $50.00 deposit paid at the time the reservation is made.  Groups with an official non-profit status using the Learning Center without an admission charge will be charged $10.00 for the first three (3) hours and $5.00 for each additional hour.  If used for an admission charge the non-profit fee is $25.00 for the first two (2) hours and $10.00 for each additional hour.  The Library and city departments will not pay any fees.
  6. FOOD or BEVERAGE FEE: Food and non-alcoholic beverages may be served or brought into the Learning Center.  There will be a deposit of $50.00 and a charge of $10.00 per day in addition to all other fees and deposits when there is food and drink.  The deposit will be refunded in full if there has been no spillage.  
  7. ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT FEE: The electronic equipment fee is $25.00 for all groups.  This fee applies to any use of equipment in the Learning Center other than the microphone and sound system.
  8. At the beginning of all meetings the attendees will be notified of the location of the exits to be used in case of fire o other emergency.
  9. All damages and compliance with the rules are the responsibility of the person requesting the room.
  10. Permission to use the Learning Center may be withheld from groups causing damage, disturbance or any other failure to comply with the rules.
  11. The occupancy of the Learning Center will not exceed 98 persons as set by the Fire Marshall. 
  12. There will be no smoking in the Learning Center or the Library. 
  13. No nails, staples, tacks, hooks or tape may be put into the walls or ceiling. 
  14. Private parties such as wedding receptions, showers, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, etc. may not be held in the Learning Center.
  15. The Learning Center may not be used for dancing.
  16. All meetings must be scheduled with the library staff in advance.
  17. Use of audiovisual materials intended for home use is not allowed.  Example: videos intended for the home and not carrying a public viewing license.

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