Parks and Recreation

          Joe Admas (Ennis, TX) enjoying a day of kayak fishing on Old City Lake - 9/18/20

                                                                                                              Joe Adams (Ennis, TX) enjoying a day of kayak

                                                                                                              fishing on Old City Lake - 9/18/20

Our Vision

“Creating a thriving community through people, parks, and social recreation"

Our Mission

- Enhance the community's quality of life by providing safe, well-maintained parks and public places

- Offer practical recreational programs to meet the fitness, social, and cultural needs of the community

- Modernize athletic facilities while preserving trails, green spaces, and common areas

- Develop future park projects and enrichment needs to sustain municipal growth 

- Provide prompt first class customer service to everyone who visits our park system

Click on our Parks Master Plan to view future plans and development

Click City of Ennis' Naming Policy to view the policy for naming parks, streets and other city property.

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