Construction Reminders




1.SIDEWALKS – The property owner shall install all sidewalks which are required.  Residential sidewalks are four (4) feet wide and shall be constructed from the property line towards the street.  In all new sub-divisions, the finished surface of the sidewalk shall be five (5) inches, no more or less than, above the top of the curb or the peak of the crown of the street.  All approach sidewalks shall be constructed with a 1” x 4” strip of redwood installed where it meets the back of the street curb.

2. CLEANOUTS – The property owner shall install a metal meter box over the city sanitary sewer clean out which will be installed in the parkway.

3. DRIVEWAYS & PARKING – The approach on any driveway shall be concrete.  All driveways shall be either concrete or asphalt with a base.  The required parking spaces shall be either concrete or asphalt.  Parking spaces and fire lanes must be striped as required.

4. FOUNDATIONS (SLABS) – The finished floor elevation of slabs must be a minimum of ten (10) inches above the top of the curb or the peak of the crown of the street. Form Board Surveys are required prior to pre-pour foundation inspections.

5. CLEAN UP – The construction site shall remain clean and clear of construction debris.  Failure to maintain a clean construction site shall result in a “STOP WORK ORDER” until such time that the site is cleaned.  In addition, all high grass and weeds shall be kept to a height of 12 inches or less on the construction site.  A dumpster, or dump trailer, shall be required at each construction site unless specifically waived by the Building Official.

6. ADDRESS BOARD & PERMIT – An address board, with the posting permit attached, (see example below) shall be placed in front of the permitted construction site.  Failure to post the address board and permit will result in a failed inspection (red tag).  On re-model jobs, the posting permit shall be placed in an interior window with the face towards the street for easy recognition

7. INSPECTION REQUESTS – The General Contractor on new construction jobs will be responsible for calling in ALL inspections.

8. RE–INSPECTIONS – A $50.00 re-inspection fee shall be charged to the listed General Contractor if any phoned in inspection receives a red tag.  This fee must be paid prior to receiving another inspection for the failed item.

9. ELECTRICAL – The minimum accepted electrical wire for circuits is 12 ga. copper.  No aluminum wire will be accepted.  The minimum size for lead in wires shall be Number 4.

10. PORTABLE TOILET – A portable toilet facility shall be provided at all construction sites for workers.  Sites may not “share” facilities.

11. UTILITIES – A “Temporary Release of Utilities” form shall be signed by the General Contractor , prior to utilities being released for temporary service.

12. WORK HOURS – It is unlawful to erect, including excavate, demolish, alter or repair, any building, other than between the hours of 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM except in case of urgent necessity in the interest of public health and safety, and then only with a special permit from the Inspection Services Department.

13. DRAINAGE – All residential driveway culverts shall be reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) unless otherwise permitted by the Director of Public Works or his designee, usually the Street Superintendent. All driveway culverts for non-residential buildings shall be RCP with no exception.

14. PROFESSIONALISM – Construction crews shall at all times act in such a way that those around them would not take offense to their language and/or actions.  Failure of the General Contractor to maintain professionalism on the job site shall result in a “Stop Work Order” being posted on the job.

15. CONCRETE TRUCKS – The operation of concrete trucks at construction sites shall fall under the responsibility of the General Contractor.  By Ordinance, concrete trucks are limited to loads of 7 cubic yards on City streets and 5 cubic yards in alleys.  Any contractor who intentionally orders over loaded trucks shall be cited, as well as the concrete batch plant and the drivers.  The General Contractor shall also be held responsible for concrete trucks washing out their chutes in non-approved areas, for concrete trucks jumping curbs with no ramp, and for concrete trucks leaving the site with muddy wheels and/or making ruts.

16. EROSION CONTROL – The General Contractor shall insure that appropriate erosion control is established on the site PRIOR to any grading or digging activity.

17. SAFETY – Every effort shall be taken to maintain a safe construction site for not only the workers, the general public, but for the City of Ennis Inspectors that will be called to the site on numerous occasions.

18. SMOKE AND CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTORS - Existing residences will require retrofitting for smoke detectors and/or carbon monoxide detectors for most trade work. The extent of the project will determine the requirement for interconnection of these devices. Please contact our office with any questions.

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