General Information
Phone Numbers
(972) 875-4455
Emergencies: Dial 911
1700 Lake Bardwell Drive


Police Department

Mission Statement:

    We will suppress crime and pursue evil while treating everyone we encounter with fairness, dignity and respect.

Core Values:

Professionalism: The Ennis Police Department is committed to professionalism in all areas of the agency. This includes training and qualifications not common to the general public.

Openness/Transparency: We will provide accessibility of information to stakeholders when to do so does not interfere with administration of justice or operations.

Leadership: We will develop leaders and be leaders in our community and public safety.

Integrity: We are committed to the enforcement of laws and the preservation of order and property. We are honest, truthful, and consistent in our words and actions, and therefore worthy of the public’s trust.

Community: We are dedicated to our citizens and desire to be a part of their lives.

Ethics: We abide by the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.