Mosquito Control

City of Ennis Department of Health Services

Our department utilizes an Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM) approach to reduce the mosquito population. IMM uses a combination of methods to prevent and control both nuisance mosquitoes and mosquitoes that spread disease like West Nile virus. 

The basic components of IMM include source reduction, surveillance, control of all mosquito life stages, as well as community outreach and public education.

Are mosquitoes causing trouble in your area? Help us take action! Please click here to report mosquito issues in your neighborhood. Your information will assist our public health team in identifying and addressing mosquito breeding sites. 

Together, we can reduce the risk of mosquito-borne diseases and make our community a safer place.

Below are other ways to help reduce the mosquito population in your area: 

Source Reduction

Source reduction is by far the most effective and least expensive way to reduce the mosquito population in your area. This can be achieved by eliminating standing water on your property. 

  • Dispose of any containers that can hold water.
  • Clean your birdbath at least twice a week.
  • Remove old tires from property.
  • Clean your pet's water dishes daily. 
  • Maintain your backyard pool by keeping it chlorinated and free of debris.
  • Avoid overwatering your yard. 


Our staff actively traps for mosquitoes from May through October every year. Each week, eight traps are placed throughout the city and sent to the Texas Department of State Health Services laboratory where they are quantified and tested for vector-borne diseases like West Nile. 

The data we receive helps us determine if, where, or when enhanced control measures are needed to manage the mosquito population. 

Control of Mosquito Life Stages

Larviciding is extremely effective in reducing the mosquito population when source reduction is not an option. Our list of current larvicides include: 

Adulticiding, or spraying, only occurs once our department receives notification from the state lab of a positive mosquito trap or human case of West Nile Virus. More information about spraying can be found here.

The current adulticide used is  Aqualuer 20-20.pdf

Protect Yourselves By:


            1) Drain standing water around your property.

            2) Wear long sleeves and pants.

            3) Wear repellent when outdoors - DEET.

            4) Reduce outdoor exposure when possible.

To report stagnant water, please contact the City of Ennis Department of Health Services at 972.875.6444.