Code Compliance

Keeping Our Community Safe and Beautiful

The City is dedicated to ensuring a safe, healthy, and attractive environment for all residents and businesses. Our Code Compliance team works diligently to address property maintenance violations through a combination of proactive measures and responses to residents complaints.

Our Approach to Compliance:

  • Voluntary Compliance: Our primary goal is to achieve voluntary compliance with city codes related to property maintenance. We believe in working collaboratively with property owners to maintain the standards that keep our community thriving.
  • Reporting and Response: Violations are identified either through our routine inspections or via reports from concerned residents. When a violation is reported or observed, our code compliance officers take steps to inform the property owner of the issue in a manner that is confidential, friendly, and professional.
  • Notification Process: Property owners are notified of violations in person, by phone, or by a notice in the mail with an explanation of the violation and initial guidance on how to rectify it. If direct contact is not possible, a notice may be posted prominently on the property.
  • Compliance Timeline: Property owners are given a specific timeframe to address and correct the violation. Extensions may be requested and are granted on a case-by-case basis.
  • Enforcement Measures: While most issues are resolved after the initial notice, further non-compliance may lead to enforcement actions, including nuisance abatement, citations, and fines up to $2000.
  • Abatement and Reimbursement: If the City undertakes abatement of the violation, the property owner will receive an invoice covering the costs plus a $175 administrative fee. This amount is due within 30 days to avoid additional penalties, including a privileged lien against the property, accruing interest at 10% per annum.

What if I'm issued a notice for a property maintenance violation?

If you have a violation, you will receive a letter detailing the code violations found on your property. Make sure to read the entire letter because it will contain important information such as:

  • The case number (this is helpful if you need to contact our department for reference purposes)
  • Date of inspection (this is the day they inspected your property)
  • Details of the violation/s (the letter will outline the violations they found on your property)
  • Re-Inspection Date (this is the date the inspector will return to make sure the violation has been corrected or if it has begun to be resolved)
  • Inspector phone number and email address (keep track of your inspector's contact info and call or email them as soon as possible for any needed clarification)

When you first receive your letter or notice of a violation, it is best to let your inspector know of any circumstances that would make it difficult for you to bring your property up to code.

Can I get an extension on doing the work?

Extensions may be granted in some circumstances, but keep in mind, early and often communication with your inspector is the first step. Contact your inspector as soon as possible if you are having trouble fixing the violation in time for your next inspection date. Find their contact info in the letter you received. You can always call 972-875-6444 for help.

How to Report a Violation:

If you observe a property that may be in violation of city maintenance codes, we encourage you to report it by contacting our office directly. Your involvement is crucial in maintaining the quality and safety of our community.

Working Together:

Code Enforcement is a partnership between the City and its residents. By working together, we can ensure that our community remains a desirable place to live, work, and visit. For more information on how you can contribute to our community’s well-being, please visit our Empower Ennis site.

Contact Us:

For any questions, to report a violation, or seek assistance with compliance, please contact our Office at 972-875-6444 or

Together, let's keep our city safe, clean, and beautiful for everyone.