Opening a Food Establishment

Opening a New Restaurant

This outline of requirements is not to be construed as all-inclusive; it is to be used as a guideline only. 

The following documents must be submitted when:

  1. Opening a restaurant in an existing space and/or change of ownership.
    1. Completed application for Certificate of Occupancy. Application can be found here. 
    2. Completed health permit application and fees submitted. Health Permit application can be found here. 
    3. Completed Plan Review Checklist. This can be found here.
    4. Copy of the restaurant menu.
    5. Floor plan of the space. (Plans must include proposed layout, equipment arrangement, mechanical plans and construction of materials of work areas, and the type and model of proposed fixed equipment and facilities, grease interceptor, etc.)
      1. Construction Standards Guidance Document can be found here.
    6. All Permitting inspections are subject to Field Inspections.
    7. Do not bring in any food related items, small wares, or operate until authorized to do so by the health authority.

**If you are planning on buying/leasing a pre-existing building that was not formally a food establishment, it is best to contact the Health Department before purchase/lease. There may be additional requirements that must meet the current health codes prior to occupying.