Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Division plays an important role in maintaining the quality of life for our neighborhoods to ensure a comfortable, safe and clean living environment for the citizens and visitors of the City of Ennis. This division is committed to promote community awareness and encourage compliance regarding city municipal codes and state laws while enhancing the quality of life within the city.

Code Enforcement staff address a wide range of commercial and neighborhood related State Law/City Ordinance violations including but not limited to:

  • Property maintenance violations
  • Trash and debris
  • High grass and weeds
  • Junked motor vehicles
  • Commercial motor vehicle parking violations
  • Parking on unimproved surface
  • Graffiti
  • Premises identification
  • Illegal wastewater discharge
  • Illegal dumping
  • Sign violations
  • Unsecured/ Stagnant swimming pool

Most of these issues are encountered on a daily basis through proactive efforts or by citizen complaints.    Our objective is to seek voluntary compliance.    All violations encountered or reported are addressed in a confidential, friendly and professional manner. Upon receiving a complaint or observing a violation, a code enforcement officer may notify the property owner in person, via first class or certified mail or by phone to explain the code violation issue; initial suggestions may be made by staff regarding how to correct minor violations. If the last known address of the property owner cannot be located, the notice may be affixed to a placard, wooden stake and posted on the property. A notice may also be posted on or near the front door as allowed by law. The property owner is then given a certain amount of time to correct the violation(s). A citizen may request additional time to correct the problem if necessary. While most property owners comply after the first notification, if compliance is not gained, enforcement action such as nuisance abatement and/or citation(s) may occur.  Fines can range from $200.00 to $2000.00. If an abatement of the problem occurs by the City, the property owner is mailed an invoice giving them 30 days to reimburse the City for the abatement. This invoice also includes an administrative fee of $175.00. If the property owner fails to reimburse the city within the 30 day period a privileged lien is filed against the property with the county clerk's office. If a privileged lien is filed against a property, interest will accrue from the date that the costs were incurred at a rate of ten (10) percent per annum.

Code Violations 

The City of Ennis has adopted municipal ordinances in an effort to reduce urban blight, increase the value of private property, deter vandalism, reduce the possibility of a potential fire hazard and promote a safe living environment.

To report a code violation or for any specific information about a code violation please call  (972) 875-6444  or   Email.

Note:  The City of Ennis Department of Health Services utilizes the   Ellis County Appraisal District   to obtain property ownership information.  Ellis County Appraisal District Contact Information: Telephone:  972-937-3552  Fax:  972-937-1618  Email:   Street Address:  400 Ferris Avenue Waxahachie, Texas 75165  Mailing Address:  PO Box 878 Waxahachie, Texas 75168

care of premises 

Care of Premises 

These conditions may be any object or matter such as household appliances, building materials not in current use, dead trees, limbs, brush, household items, rubbish, tires, vehicles or similar items that are openly stored or abandoned and must be removed.

To report violations or for specific information about each of these code violations,  please call  (972) 875-6444  or   Email.

care of premises High Weeds and Grass 

High weeds, grass or ground cover are considered a violation when growth exceeds 12 inches in height. The property owner is responsible for maintaining the property from any adjacent street curbs to the back of their property. Any alleyways must be maintained by the property owner to the centerline of the alleyway or right-of-way adjacent to their property.

Note: Alleys must be maintained by the adjacent property owner, considering that the alley is divided equally in the center between the adjacent property owners. 

To report violations or for specific information about each of these code violations,  please call  (972) 875-6444  or Email.

care of premises Junked Motor Vehicles 

A junked motor vehicle as a vehicle that is self-propelled, inoperative; and does not have lawfully affixed to it either an unexpired license plate or a valid motor vehicle safety inspection certificate, that is wrecked, dismantled or partially dismantled, or discarded; or that remains inoperable for a continuous period of more than (45) days. The vehicle must be either be made operable, removed from the property, or be stored in an enclosed structure sealed off from public view.

To report violations or for specific information about each of these code violations,  please call  (972) 875-6444  or Email.

Contact the Ennis Police Department at 972-875-4462 regarding any inoperable, abandoned or junked motor vehicles or watercraft that are parked on a public roadway.

Dangerous Building Litter and Trash Debris 

Accumulations of litter, trash and debris on private premises can be more than just unsightly. More importantly, by their presence, vermin-related and public health concerns often coexist. Such accumulations must be removed by the property owner.

To report violations or for specific information about each of these code violations,  please call  (972) 875-6444  or Email.

Dangerous Building Parking In Residential Areas 

Any commercial use vehicle with capacity greater than a one (1) ton pickup is prohibited from parking in residential areas. Such vehicles shall be parked on paved property that is commercially zoned. Semi trucks and/or trailers parked on the street in residential areas are prohibited. Citations may be issued for vehicles parked in violation.

To report violations or for specific information about each of these code violations,  please call  (972) 875-6444  or Email.

Contact the Ennis Police Department at 972-875-4462 for vehicles that are parked on the street.

Parking On Improved Surface Required 

The City of Ennis has adopted City ordinances for parking vehicles on private property to lessen congestion in the streets and to facilitate the flow of traffic throughout the city. A parking surface or driveway must consist of an asphalt, concrete or in some cases gravel surfaces. Vehicles parked in violation will be cited and will be required to be relocated to an improved surface.

To report violations or for specific information about each of these code violations,  please call  (972) 875-6444  or Email.