Message from the Director

Welcome to the Department Health Services New Webpage!

We hope that you will find its contents useful – whether you are seeking information about our programs and services, educational materials, or the latest public health bulletins and alerts. Here you can learn about our services and programs.  Whether you're looking for some specific public health information, the latest health related news or just trying to learn more about what we do, take some time to look around the Departments Webpage. Our goal is that you will be able to find the answers you deserve, need and want here!

The Department of Health Services programs matters.  Our challenges are to protect, improve and promote the health of families within our community by promoting healthy lifestyles, prevention of infectious diseases, insure a healthy environment, and injury prevention.  Our challenges impact each and every person who visits, lives, works, plays and prays in our City – regardless of age, gender, race, income or sexual orientation.

We are committed and focused on your: Animal Services, Food Safety, Code Enforcement, Environmental Health, Public Health and Vector Control Needs .  These services are provided through – Abatement, Education, Enforcement, Eradication, Inspection, Investigation, Prevention, Protection, and Surveillance.

Our range of responsibilities and services are vast – investigating disease outbreaks, conducting health educational campaigns, inspecting food establishments, responding to public health emergencies and environmental hazards, conducting mosquito surveillance and control, protecting the health, safety, integrity, and vitality of our neighborhoods through thorough fair and reasonable enforcement of City and State health and safety codes and ordinances, along with caring for our four legged furry friends through our animal control program.

There are many other programs and services that I didn’t mention here, so I encourage you to explore our webpage and take advantage of the information it contains.

We face many present and emerging challenges, that range from... Feral Hogs/other wildlife issues, Rabies, Bovine tuberculosis, E.coli, Norovirus, West Nile, MRSA, Measles, Chikungunya, Lyme disease, Inlfuenza, Ebola, and many other known and unforeseen threats, but we will overcome them together in order to give everyone in our community the opportunity to live a better, healthy and safer life.

I welcome your ideas on how we can improve ourselves and provide you with more of the information and services that you deserve, need and want, so please feel free to let us know by providing us with your opinions and/or suggestions regarding our new webpage and the services that we provided you.

It is my goal to provide you with the best of health services possible within our community...

To yours in good health,

Director of the Department of Health Services

Please feel free to Contact Me or My Staff...