Rental Registration Online Form

Email the completed PDF Form or Submit the completed Online Form Below (by Clicking - Submit Contact Form):

You may also submit in person at 107 N. Sherman St. (City Hall) or mail to Water Utilities at P.O. Box 220 Ennis, TX 75120.

Rental Permit Rate Table:  (Number Units x Dollar Amount)
Single - Family Dwelling Units $20.00/ Per Unit Annually                               
Duplexes – $20.00/ Per Unit Annually
Multi – Family Dwelling (3+ Units) – Per Unit$15.00/ Per Unit Annually           
Initial Late Registration 1st month $150.00
Late Registration each month thereafter the initial late fee charge $50.00
Initial Inspection NO CHARGE                                                           
1st Re-inspection NO CHARGE
2nd Re-Inspection  $75.00
Subsequent Re-Inspection(s) $150.00

By typing my name, I agree and understand that:

  • All information is true, correct and complete based on all information of which I have knowledge. I understand that falsifying any information on this application may result in revocation of the rental permit.
  • The rental permit is a separate application and not in lieu of or approval for any other licenses or permits which may be required.
  • The rental property shall comply with all Federal, State and Municipal laws.
  • The rental property may receive notification of/is subject to random mandatory inspection by the City’s Designated City Official (DCO).