Health Department

The Department of Health Services is responsible for promoting and protecting the health, safety and welfare of all visitors and residents of the City of Ennis through the enforcement of State and local laws and regulations governing: Animal Services, Food Inspections, Code Enforcement, Mosquito Control/Pool & Water Quality, Foster Care Homes and other Public Health Related Programs.  Contact us by: phone at 972-875-6442; mail at  105 S. Preston Street Ennis, TX 75119; or by Email .

The Department’s distribution of these services to the citizens of Ennis includes efforts conducted by staff during routine, proactive patrols or complaint driven inspections of commercial and private properties within the City.

Mission Statement

To improve and enhance the environmental quality of our City, promote safe neighborhoods for people and their pets and protect public health and safety through community assessment, education, collaboration and assurance of service.

Animal Services...  Food Safety...  Code Enforcement... Mosquito Control...  Public Health...

Animal Services

Working to Provide A Safer Community for

The City of Ennis Department of Health Service's Animal Services program is committed to protecting people and animals, and promoting humane animal care and treatment. This is accomplished through both education and enforcement. By responding promptly to calls for service and routinely patrolling the city, we are able to effectively serve the needs of the community.

Food Inspections

Working to Provide A Safer Community for

The City of Ennis Department of Health Service's Food Inspection program is committed to protecting people by preventing foodborne illness by educating food establishments operators and staff and the general public on safe food handling practices and by ensuring that food items prepared and served by food service establishments located in City of Ennis are safe, unadulterated held, prepared and serve under safe sanitary conditions. Responding to Emergencies not limited to but including: Food Borne Ilness Outbreaks, Power outages, Floods, Fires, Water outages, Sewage backups, and other issues relating to the safety of food provided to the General Public.

Code Enforcement

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The City of Ennis Department of Health Service's Code Enforcement/ Environmental Health programs is committed to protecting the health, safety, and welfare of our community members by encouraging compliance with the City of Ennis Municipal Code; to enhance the appearance of neighborhoods and businesses  to prevent blight, protect property values and enhance economic conditions. to monitor storm water pollution sources or illegal/ unautherized waste water discharge. It is our goal to obtain voluntarily compliance, whenever possible, by administering a fair and unbiased enforcement program.

Mosquito Control

Working to Provide A Safer Community for

The City of Ennis Department of Health Service's Mosquito Control program strives to provide environmentally safe, effective and economically responsible mosquito control for the residents of Ennis. The Department’s Mosquito Control promotes cooperation and communication with property owners, residents, and other City Departments to help in these efforts. The program’s main objectives are to:

  • Prevent the emergence of biting adult mosquitoes by applying control to the larval stage.
  • Monitor adult mosquito populations to uncover new sites of larval development and assess the effectiveness of control.
  • Monitor the distribution of vector-borne diseases and prevent the occurrence of these diseases among the Cities residents and visitors.
  • Evaluate new pesticides and methods of control for mosquites.
  • Increase public awareness of self protection methods  through active educational program initiatives

Public Health

Working to Provide A Safer Community for

The City of Ennis Department of Health Service's Public Health program is committed to protecting people, by focusing on the prevention of illness, by providing educational information, by enforcing public health and safety laws and providing referrals.