Health Department

Welcome to the City of Ennis Department of Health Services

At the heart of our vibrant community lies the commitment to the well-being of all who live, work, and visit here. The City of Ennis Department of Health Services is dedicated to fostering a healthy, safe, and thriving environment for everyone. Upholding the highest standards of public health, we are your trusted partner in ensuring the welfare of our community through comprehensive and compassionate services.

Our Core Services

  • Animal Services: Ensuring the humane treatment of animals while maintaining public safety.
  • Food Inspections: Rigorously upholding food safety standards to protect public health.
  • Rental Dwelling Unit Inspections: Safeguarding the quality and safety of rental housing.
  • Code Enforcement: Preserving the beauty and safety of our city through diligent enforcement of local laws and regulations.
  • Mosquito Control: Proactively managing mosquito populations to reduce health risks and enhance quality of life.
  • Public Health Programs: Offering a range of programs aimed at promoting overall community health and well-being.

Committed to Excellence

Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to excellence in public health services. We work tirelessly to ensure that the City of Ennis is a place where health and safety are paramount, and community well-being is a shared responsibility.

Stay Informed and Involved

We believe in transparent and open communication with our community. Stay updated on health advisories, service updates, and public health information through our website and community outreach programs.

We're Here to Help

Have questions or need assistance? Our knowledgeable staff is just a call or an email away. Reach out to us for guidance, support, or information about any of our services.

Call Us: 972.875.6444

Mission Statement: 

"To inspire trust through transparent interactions, to create a safe and healthy community where individuals can thrive, and to provide exceptional public service that exceeds expectations. We are committed to fostering an environment that promotes well-being for all, backed by a steadfast dedication to the needs of our public, ensuring a sustainable future for our community."