The Ennis Public Library officially opened its doors to the citizens of Ennis on July 18, 1939.  Originally located on the third floor of the police station, it moved to its current address on West Ennis Avenue in 1982.  The library sits on land donated to the city by the late Mrs. I. Cerf.  Additions were added in 1987 and 1994, bringing the total number of square feet to 13,000.

A beautiful flower garden on the west side of the property, named Cerf Park, also boasts a historical marker honoring Ennis war hero Jack Lummus.  A pictorial display highlighting the life of Mr. Lummus can be found inside the library.  Nearby are a display case with memoirs of U.S. Grant and another holding the Ennis Bible, a handwritten edition crafted by the citizens of Ennis in 1983.  Another display located near the circulation desk is a handmade quilt depicting various icons of Ennis.  The most beautiful piece in the library, however, is a stained glass window created and donated to the library in 1982 by the late Ennis resident Joy Russell.

Library Stained Glass Window

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