Wireless Printing

This is a service that can be used within the library or from anywhere in the world.

Things to Know

  • Uploaded documents are encrypted and are not actually printed until you come in to request them.
  • The print job stays in the library’s queue for 72 hours. If it is not requested by then, the job is deleted.
  • We highly encourage you to Print Preview any job, and only print the pages that you want. The Library is not responsible for unwanted pages.


   *Option 1: Web Printing

  • To upload documents or websites to the Printing Portal, click here .
  • Type in your email address. This will be the information you provide to the Librarian at the Reference Desk when you go to retrieve your printed pages.
  • Upload your document. Press “Browse”, find your document on your computer or device, then press “Upload”.
  • You will get a confirmation number once the print job has been added to the queue. You will need to bring the confirmation number to the library's Reference Desk to obtain your print.

   *Option 2: Email Printing

   *Option 3: PrinterOn App

  • Download and install the PrinterOn app from your device’s app store. Apps are available on Google Play, iTunes App Store, or Blackberry App World.
  • Add the Library printer by searching printers for Ennis Public Library.
  • Send photos, documents, or websites to our printer.

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