Policies & Procedures

Organizational Structure

The Ennis Public Library is an integral part of the city government. The library provides specific services. The library will develop its collections, services, staff and facilities to meet the Texas Library Association Public Library Recommended Standards and the American Library Association Standards for Public Libraries.

Extension of Services

The Ennis Public Library may extend services into the community through its programming. The library will use surveys and studies to identify the growing and changing needs of the community and plan effective services.

Hours of Operation

The Ennis Public Library is open 46 hours per week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Thursday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Sunday closed.

Cooperation With Other Libraries and Agencies

The Ennis Public Library will cooperate with other libraries, information services, networks and systems -- local, state, regional, and national. The library will work with educational institutions and community agencies to provide more complete service.

Limits of Service

  • Information service does not include providing information that is judgmental in nature. The librarian will direct the patron to sources of information. Examples falling into the category of judgmental are requests for advice on medicine, law and consumerism.
  • Library staff does not do extensive research for patrons. Extensive research means more than 15 minutes of assistance or direct search by staff for one question. 
  • Library staff does not do class assignments for students. However, assistance and instruction in the use of the library are available.
  • City Directory telephone reference requests are not answered.

Continuing Education for Personnel

Continuing education is a necessity for library staff members. Allowing attendance at seminars, conferences and workshops, and sponsoring continuing education programs encourage this important aspect of growth.

Closing of Facility

The Library Director will close the library when necessary with the approval of the City Manager. The library observes all holidays recognized by the City of Ennis. The Library Advisory Board may make recommendations concerning special opening and closing of the library. Notice will be posted in the library two weeks prior in advance of closing when possible.

Lost and Found Policy

All lost items will be placed in a designated area. If a name is available for the lost item, the owner will be called and/or a note will be placed on their record. All items will be dated and initialed.

The following items require immediate disposal due to possible health hazard:

  • Hairbrush or comb;
  • baby pacifier;
  • sweatbands;
  • and socks.

The following items will be held for 30 days before disposal:

  • Car keys;
  • costume jewelry;
  • school papers;
  • charge cards (cut in half before disposal);
  • and personal ID’s, i.e. driver’s license (cut before disposal).

The following items will be held for 45 days before disposal:

  • Cash without identification (will be deposited with the daily cash report under Donation).
  • Valuable jewelry: Library staff call police and file a Found Property Report.

Adopted November 26, 1984 -- Jim Templin, board chairman
Revised December 9, 1997 -- Mary Wade, board chairman
Reviewed and revised March 2014

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